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Encryption Plus Cd-Rom 4.0

Any one particular can explain to me about excellent application to encrypt audio files of cd/dvd,which is obtainable for free of charge obtain?
I want to lock my audio data in my cds,which is for marketing and advertising
Is it true what they say about "possessing" encrypted information on HDD or Disk's?
is it correct that my pc,tough disk or cd's can get confiscated by the police if i wont give the password to my consumer account or to the encrypted data files in spite of that is a proper from the amendments and also in spite of they dont have any fisical proof of unlawful content or a "warrant" to research my computer and disk's?
Update: Also can i make a lawsuit if this kind of event occur (ideally not) if they do confiscate my items for just by "we think he has illegal content material"?

im just inquiring but i truly need to know trigger i dislike the fact that the authorities make community of my privacy Merely possessing encrypted documents, barring everything else, just isn't ample to make them just take your HDDs or disks - assuming you happen to be not crossing the border. (Customs has a good deal a lot more leeway on that, although there is certainly a good deal of men and women battling that at the instant.)

In some situations, they have been in a position to pressure the individual to hand over encryption keys (underneath penalty of perjury), but in people cases, they know just what they are hunting for, and are almost particular that it really is on the equipment. They have not but been in a position to drive a individual to hand more than the encryption keys for a "fishing expedition" (ie, they know you will find encrypted documents, but have no notion what type of documents they are.) They can still endeavor to brute-drive decrypt in people cases, but the items in the very first paragraph keep accurate - with out some other reason for them to spend consideration to your Mcafee Endpoint Encryption Cd machine, simply having encrypted information is not ample for them to seize your equipment.

I'm not a authorized expert - if it is that essential to you, I would recommend looking for legal advice, there are usually totally free lawful companies available (some even on the internet) who could support you out.

Even so, I'm assuming your in America and below the US terrorist legislation (and equally in other nations around the world) they are capable to arrest somebody and confiscate their property (ie computers) if they are suspected of organizing/undertaking or associating with terrorists or terrorist acts.

As I stated although, I'm no professional, so if it truly is genuinely an essential factor to know for you - discuss to a legal organisation who can supply you actual lawful advice.

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