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Gilisoft Cd Dvd Encryption 3.2.0

Any one particular can inform me about excellent computer software to encrypt audio documents of cd/dvd,which is obtainable for free download?
I want to lock my audio information in my cds,which is for Mcafee Endpoint Encryption Cd advertising and marketing
Is it true what they say about "possessing" encrypted files on HDD or Disk's?
is it accurate that my personal computer,tough disk or cd's can get confiscated by the police if i wont give the password to my person account or to the encrypted files despite that is a appropriate from the amendments and also regardless of they dont have any fisical evidence of unlawful content material or a "warrant" to research my laptop and disk's?
Update: Also can i make a lawsuit if this sort of occasion take place (hopefully not) if they do confiscate my things for just by "we feel he has unlawful content"?

im just inquiring but i genuinely want to know cause i detest the simple fact that the authorities make community of my privateness Simply possessing encrypted data files, barring anything at all else, just isn't adequate to make them just take your HDDs or disks - assuming you might be not crossing the border. (Customs has a whole lot more leeway on that, although there is certainly a whole lot of men and women fighting that at the minute.)

In some instances, they have been able to force the particular person to hand in excess of encryption keys (under penalty of perjury), but in these cases, they know specifically what they are seeking for, and are virtually specific that it really is on the device. They have not but been capable to force a particular person to hand above the encryption keys for a "fishing expedition" (ie, they know you will find encrypted documents, but have no thought what type of data files they are.) They can nevertheless attempt to brute-force decrypt in people circumstances, but the objects in the very first paragraph maintain real - without some other cause for them to pay out interest to your device, basically having encrypted information is not ample for them to seize your machine.

I am not a authorized specialist - if it truly is that crucial to you, I would propose hunting for lawful guidance, there are normally free legal services accessible (some even on the web) who could support you out.

However, I'm assuming your in The united states and underneath the US terrorist legislation (and similarly in other nations) they are ready to arrest someone and confiscate their home (ie personal computers) if they are suspected of preparing/undertaking or associating with terrorists or terrorist functions.

As I explained however, I'm no specialist, so if it really is actually an essential issue to know for you - discuss to a lawful organisation who can offer you you genuine lawful guidance.
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