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Software To Lock Usb Ports With Password

Which is the extremely best cost-free of demand 4gb usb locking(with password)software?
i have sandisk 4gb pendrive.i want protect my information with password.
so pls any a one suggest me.which is the finest,uncomplicated and entirely free of charge of price softwares?

I want TrueCrypt. It is free of charge of cost and you can select how to use it.
If you want to encrypt the comprehensive travel, you will want to have the software prepare on every and every single and each and every method that will purchase it.
Or if you want far better portability, set in the transportable product on your pendrive, then produce a file dependent amount on the leisure of the pendrive.
The spot can i get usb port lock personalized laptop application program in cost-price-free of charge?
i want two lock my usb port. and i also want outstanding usb scanner for virus. but it want to b absolutely totally free of desire pc software program program

I am in research of for two software software method usb flash journey lock & an further a one is virus safety? which is the finest system

You are most likely to have to go through via by way of some evaluations and make a choice what satisfies your wants, but there are a wonderful deal of critiques out there.

For the foreseeable future you demand from customers to to ponder ativa U3 flash pressure that incorporates the password prospect-entirely value-free methods preloaded. in line with threat it is downloadable as pronounced in a prior reply. If i am obtaining about to it, i have received nevertheless an further drives the place i could want to use password danger-totally free of demand methods. usb drive lock strong excellent advantages.

How can i lock my USB Disk with a application??? i tried some appl. but it necessary Admin password on other Netwo?
On College Lan i have gentleman or woman account. I cant commence the locking software system to unlock my knowledge knowledge data files. Can anyone aid me. My USB Disk is a Sandisk 8GB.

Any specific know how to lock folders or info in usb pen journey...is there any software program to do
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